Moreno Glacier all inclusive

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South Pioneer Glacier

GLACIAR SUR PIONEROS is an excursion aimed at people who want to enjoy the natural environment without the need to make an important physical effort.
The most exclusive excursion of Los Glaciares National Park
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Come explore it with us.

All-inclusive rate USD 250

The tour
It begins in Calafate at 9.30 am, 50 kms will be registered by the route of stays to the Roca Lake at the southern end of the National Park. We leave the landscape of the steppe road to enter the transition forest area. At the end of the road we find the stay of the pioneer Nibepo Aike belonging to the Jansma family. There, after a walk through the hull, we attend the talks and demonstrations of shearing and equestrian, finished the same entered to the comfortable barbecue of the stay for tasting a typical Patagonian lunch that includes a salad and vegetable table that accompanies the exquisite lamb and other Argentine meats to end with a succulent crepes of dulce de leche, all this accompanied by excellent Argentine wines and other beverages. After sophisticated lunch, we head to our port to embark and begin sailing to Playa de las Monedas in the Brazo Rico, a whole hike and then a quiet 20-minute hike inside the lengas forest we go to a viewpoint from where you can see the southern face of the Moreno Glacier.
He embarks again to continue sailing in front of the south face Before saying goodbye to the boat, the crew "catches" an iceberg and offers a whiskey with ice from the glacier. At 3:30 p.m. approx.
The return

You disembark in the Bajo de las Sombras and in the vehicle the passengers go to the gateways of the glacier to arrive at them at 4:00 p.m., where they will remain until 6:30 p.m. and then return to Calafate by the traditional route. that on arrival and walkways 90% of visitors who participated in Calafate in the morning and will have returned to the city.

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